• So many groups

    have participated!

    We have worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Youthdale Treatment Centers, Ladies on the Rise, Nelson Youth Centres, and many more!

  • Our Garden

    is growing again!

    This year we have had more garden participants than the previous two years combined!

  • HealthyFam.ca

    has launched our new website!

    We’re thrilled to take the next step in our exciting program.

  • A Truly Prime


    The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper believes all Canadians should embrace the Healthy Fam philosophy.

Kids Culinary Community
Kids Culinary Community brings children into the kitchen to connect to their food and each other. Participants of the program not only learn how to cook, but also where their food comes from and the value of living a healthy lifestyle. As in all our HealthyFam sessions, participants wrap up the class by sitting down for a meal and connecting with everyone at the table.

Seniors Culinary Community
Seniors Culinary Community offers two different programs.

The first program is for seniors who cook for themselves. We introduce different foods and ways to prepare a meal that are new and unique to them. We focus is on cooking for one, kitchen safety, and unique dietary needs. The second is for seniors who are no longer able to cook for themselves. Alumni of the Kids Culinary Community visit the seniors and prepare a meal. They share the food they prepared around the table with the seniors. This program brings together different generations to share stories while enjoying a healthy meal.

Family Culinary Community
Family Culinary Community helps dispel the myth that healthy eating is expensive eating. Healthy and delicious meals can be cost effective we just need to be taught how. Families often feel they cannot afford to feed their family well. Our fast paced lives often makes sitting down to a family meal a rare occurrence. We help by teaching simple ways to put a meal on the table.

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Thank You All

Thanks to everyone who has made HealthyFam possible. From our incredible sponsors to volunteers, this program is really on its way to bigger things thanks to all of you. Looking forward to creating more Healthy families across the GTA.

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