Q?How can I help?

Volunteer your time by assisting our chefs. Your commitment of time is solely based on your availability.  We appreciate any amount of time you have to offer.

Donate through paypal:

Thank you again. We appreciate every dollar.

Q?For Kids Culinary Community sessions, do I need to bring a parent to the class?

For Kids Culinary Community sessions we recommend that a parent or guardian accompanies each child.  We acknowledge that this is not always a possibility, but we must maintain a ratio of one adult for every two children.

Q?Are classes open to the public?

Classes are offered exclusively free of charge to partnering non-profits. If you are a non-profit and would like to bring our program to your organization please contact info@healthyfam.ca. We are working on offering sessions to the general public. If you are interest in being updated on this, please contact us at into@healthyfam.ca.

Q?Is there a fee to enroll?

Thanks to the generous contribution of our sponsors, HealthyFam sessions are offered at no cost to our not-for-profit partners.