St. Christopher’s Church Group

It has been a pleasure getting to spend the last two Saturday's with the families of St. Christopher's Church in Burlington. Chef Mike has created some wonderful menus for the families to try at home. We have had some great food stories from the participants about their improving skills and general knowledge of food. One...
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Return to the Table Christmas Specials

Back in October, Julia filmed two Christmas Specials with two incredible families for her show, Return to the Table. Make sure to tune in, the air times are listed below. Julia shows everyone how to make turkey, cannoli's, lasagna and biscotti. Your family will absolutely love the recipes! Here is a link to Rosanne Longos blog...
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Check this out

One of our graduates from the Conquest Boys  grandfather, Rod  wrote a great blog post on his blog "The Urban Papist". Rod described HealthyFam best when he said "But above all else, this advanced cooking class showed the boys that food is sacred, that cooking is a privilege, and that the kitchen is a very...
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