The Kids Culinary Community (KCC) is a not-for-profit organization based in Oakville, ON founded by chef and restaurateur Julia Hanna with founding partner Longo’s. The mission of the KCC is to empower everyone with the knowledge and skills that will help them develop a healthy relationship with food. Research has shown that the time to act is now, or our children could be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents due to weight-related issues.

The passion comes alive through our talented Red Seal certified Chefs. They will provide inspirational and motivating life lessons surrounding food. We are known to build a family with every session! Participants will understand what healthy choices are and show interest in preparing meals as a family. We help you return to the table; where you connect with the ones you love.

Our other initiative is the Kids Culinary Community Garden. The garden is an earth-to-table project, whereby the graduates of the program are able to take part in the entire growth cycle of their produce. The garden is located at the corner of Neyagawa Boulevard and Dundas Street in Oakville, ON.

The commitment of Longos, Rosehaven Homes, Starlane Homes, Trinison Management Corp., Ristorante Julia, Ritorno, and many others, brings this program to life – at no cost to the participants.

Our sponsor’s commitment to a healthier future, for ourselves and our family, enable us to offer this program to you!

Details of the program:

  • The program is offered at no cost, we simply must have the commitment from your group for all three classes in a session (available for children ages 8 – 18)
  • Availability for a total of 20 participants (including both children and mentors), must have a minimum of 10
  • We prefer that each child is accompanied with a mentor/parent; however 1 adult for every 2 children could work as well!
  • You must have transportation to and from the Longo’s Loft
  • They will have a light breakfast when they arrive and at the end of the class they will sit down and enjoy the meal they have created
  • The last class is a graduating class, where the children will receive a certificate. This class, they can invite a special guest of their choice
  • They should come in comfortable clothes and be ready to have fun!

All Longo’s Loft Locations: (contact us to schedule a session!)

  • Aurora Longo’s Loft – 650 Wellington Street East, Aurora, ON
  • Bathurst Longo’s Loft – 9306 Bathurst St., Vaughan, ON
  • Boxgrove Longo’s Loft – 98 Copper Creek Dr, Markham, ON
  • Burloak Longo’s Loft – 3455 Wyecroft Road, Oakville, ON
  • Milton Longo’s Loft – 1079 Maple Ave, Milton, ON
  • Maple Leaf Square Longo’s Loft – 15 York Street, Toronto, ON
  • Richmond Hill Longo’s Loft – 10860 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, ON
  • South East Oakville Longo’s Loft- 469 Cornwall Road, Oakville, ON