St. Christopher’s Church Group

It has been a pleasure getting to spend the last two Saturday’s with the families of St. Christopher’s Church in Burlington. Chef Mike has created some wonderful menus for the families to try at home. We have had some great food stories from the participants about their improving skills and general knowledge of food. One of the participants now reads food labels since he is now more aware. Another mom told us a story about how she had all her kids in the kitchen making calzones and they got to stuff them with whatever they wanted. She used different toppings and everyone got to customize their own.

This is what we made during our last class…how good does that healthy chicken pot pie look?!

St. Christopher's 5

A special thank you to Justin for coming out and teaching the families about exercise and activity.

We are looking forward to the St. Christopher’s graduation this coming Saturday! Congratulations!

St. Christophers 1


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